Help Me Make Money

I received an email today that once again reminded me of my “mission” – to help ordinary people succeed online. I often get messages like this and my heart goes out to each person who is telling me about their need… In the past, I could just express my understanding and compassion, but did not have any concrete step-by-step plan to offer. But now I do have a plan and a place to invite you to!

Here’s the message I received (I slightly edited it to remove any personal details).

“I am asking for your help so I can start making money online. I have spent almost my entire life savings trying everything I could find to making money online, and so far today I have not made one red cent. I am about to go bankrupt from all the scams out there. Could you please help me get started and show me exactly step by step what to do?”

Here’s my reply to this very common question and request. I hope you see it not as a “sales pitch”, but as a genuine invitation to get the knowledge and skills you need to start your own online business. All these things can be learned. It won’t be instantaneous, but once you have the knowledge and skills no one can take them away from you! You’ll be self-sufficient and you won’t need to chase any more shady “opportunities”. Instead, you will have your OWN online business that you can rely on and be proud of. Isn’t that so much better on all levels? All right, here’s my reply.

Thank you for reaching out to me and letting me know about your situation (one that’s unfortunately too common).

I have recently created a membership site called Internet Business Incubator that, I hope, will help a lot of ordinary people like you and me to start a real Internet business of their own and stop losing money to hyped-up “opportunities” and dubious “money-making programs”.

The membership to the “Incubator” starts with a Basic Course where I explain to you exactly step-by-step what it takes to create a consistent and reliable income online, and I also give you practical instructions on how to make it happen.

The course itself won’t “make you money”, but it will help you acquire a “businessperson’s mindset” and give you the realistic information and instructions that you could follow to set up
your own online business.

Well… let me edit that a little bit: you CAN make money with the Internet Business Incubator as well – as an affiliate.

If you do enjoy the IBI courses and would like to help me spread the word, I do have an “Instant Commissions” affiliate program that pays you 50% commissions (actually, it is based on a rotation script and you get paid 100% of the sale every other sale – instantly and directly into your PayPal account).

But… You do need to be an IBI member before you can become an affiliate – I want to make sure that my affiliates know what they are recommending and don’t simply “blast” ads all over the ‘Net without any idea about the contents of the course and what the Internet Business Incubator
stands for.

The Basic Course is a one-time $37 purchase.

I recommend that you join the “Incubator” when you can afford it, then update your PayPal email in your IBI member profile, and you will automatically become an affiliate. Your affiliate links will be instantly generated for you by the system.

Then simply let other people know about our cozy “Incubator” and you’ll get paid $37 for every other sale directly into your PayPal account.

In the meantime, I suggest reading my free ebook “Shortcut Through The Learning Curve” where I share my own online journey with its ups and downs and the lessons I’ve learned that can really help you avoid wasting more time and money on any unnecessary “experiments” in making money online.

You can pick up my free ebook at my site.

Hope it helps!

Warm regards,