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  • Are You Trying To Make Money Online, But ‘Something Is Just Not Working Out’?
  • Do You See The Massive Opportunity But Don’t Even Know Where To Begin?
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From the desk of Natalia Hawthorne

Natalia HawthorneHello and Thank You for reading this page! My name is Natalia Hawthorne and I have been earning an income online since 2002. The aim of this website is to teach a newcomer how to create a solid and reliable Internet income and a successful online business that will last you for many years to come.

The biggest myth about making money online is that it is hard to get started. It really is not. Let me show you how – FOR FREE – with TWO valuable FREE GIFTS.

But first, let me introduce you to a good friend of mine, Chris Farrell. Chris started online as a complete ‘newbie’ in February 2008. It took him about 6 months to start making about $250/day. Within 9 months he had his first $1000 day and it continues to grow steadily. Let Chris himself tell you his story…

Chris has allowed me to give you TWO of his exclusive products for FREE! Please don’t treat them lightly – these are the EXACT blueprints Chris has been using (which makes him a 4-figure DAILY income!) and he explains how YOU, too, can start making a genuine, solid, long-lasting income online. Don’t just put them on your ‘cyber shelf’ – USE THEM!!

“How To Make Money Online
In 3 Simple Steps”

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Free Report 3 simple steps to making money online. (Most people overcomplicate things!)

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Get a simple and clear plan of action that will enable you to finally start making money online… Or ignore this and go back to what you’ve been doing and stay broke and frustrated.


IMPORTANT: Why Chris Farrell?

Because I have been where you are now.

I began online in Feb 2008.

And I came from having no previous experience. I could send emails – surf the internet – but that was all.

After just 6 months however – I began having many $250/days online (not everyday but certainly a lot…)

Within 9 months I had my first $1000/day (and I continue to regularly).

The simple cold-light-of-day-truth is… if you are serious about creating an online business you WILL need some simple web skills.

I realize this terrifies most people. Particulary newcomers (myself included when I began).

When I started I could not find anyone willing (or capable) to explain to me in SIMPLE language HOW to START.


…as soon as I began making money online I created my products out of FRUSTRATION at the lack of decent guides for newcomers.

My products have now helped tens of THOUSANDS of individuals start online (yes I really do mean that many…)

And you too can get started for free…right here.

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– Chris Farrell

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Topics covered in detail in SUCCESS GRENADE include:


How to reallymake money online (from someone that is actually doing it) – the whole process explained step by step
How to find a profitable niche
How to create quality free gifts that will have your visitors scrambling for more
 How to create a one-page website that makes money
Why you need to know what an autoresponder is
How exactly to take payments online
How to create an opt in form for your webpage
How to generate traffic to your site (techniques that actually work)
How to upload an eBook
How to put video on your site
How to create your own video message
How to sell someone else’s product
Keywords – what they are how to use them
How to use Facebook and other Social Media for marketing
And much more!

Lots more topics covered…

Every week crammed full of helpful tips and tricks!

Plus… exclusive access to video tutorials, how-to articles and 1-on-1 help.

Every Success Grenade is specially aimed to provide real, practical help to the beginner and newcomer.

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Kindest regards,

Chris Farrell Natalia Hawthorne

Chris Farrell and Natalia Hawthorne

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P.P.S. It’s a FACT: Internet traffic doubles every 100 days. If you think you are too late to get involved in making money online – you’re very much mistaken. The web is still in its infancy and NOW is the time to get involved!